Seattle, Washington (1999)

These photos were taken at the Seattle Jazz Festival, where I was a volunteer photographer for the festival. I moved to Los Angeles the next year, where I’ve lived since. All photos shot on Tri-X 400, pushed to 1600.

Santa Monica and Yosemite, California (2009)

While I was writing up my Ph.D. thesis and was starting up Eos Neuroscience, I needed a distraction. I started playing around with a large format camera and custom made plastic fresnel lenses. All images were taken on a Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 camera, using some combination of traditional lenses and fresnel lenses.

Composites (2011)

I was contacted by a startup company (now extinct) that was attempting to reimagine the interface for smart phones. They contacted several artists to provide unique interfaces that would be sold as “skins” through an app. I created a series of icons and backgrounds using existing photos found through google search. Essentially, each icon was made up of dozens to hundreds of individual images stacked on top of each other at different opacity, with adjustment to scale, contrast, etc. The Bradbury Building is constructed using original photos; otherwise, each image was created through images found through Google search.